What to do if the car keys are left inside a locked salon?

What to do if the car keys are left inside a locked salon?

It happens even to experienced drivers. It is not so critical if the car is turned off, and stands in the parking lot. Critical if it’s time to send the car in for recycling: https://scrapcar.cash/scrap-car-removal-scarborough/. It is worse if the engine is running, and the car is standing in a field or other deserted place.

In order not to do something stupid, calm down and assess the situation, based on the following parameters:

The location of the vehicle;
the distance to where the replacement kit is stored;
the value of the property inside the interior;
the construction of the car;
the means at your disposal.
After that, decide what to do next:

go for the emergency kit, leaving the car unattended for a while;
open the door with improvised means and remove the keys from the passenger compartment.
Let’s talk more about the second option.

Opening the car with improvised means

1. It is easier to break the side window. This approach will be justified if you can not get to the keys in any other way, but need to get into the car. A gentle option is to cut the seal together with the glass. In this case, the glass will be saved, but you will have to replace the seal. This option is good if the car is common. In the case of an old and rare foreign car, finding a new seal will be a lot of trouble.

2. It is more difficult to open the door with a ruler or hook. This requires patience and skill. Lift the side seal on the driver’s door and stick the ruler in the gap that is formed. Push the rod that lifts the door catch. For some models is better suited not a ruler, and a wire hook. The main thing in this case, that the car did not have protection against this method of penetration.

3. Another way – hammering a screwdriver into the lock and turning it with pliers. In addition to the screwdriver will do and scissors.

4. Try removing the upper seal over the glass and using a solid flat object to lower the glass.

We have listed common and universal ways that most cars open. We advise to be careful so that such situations do not arise in principle.

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