What are the dangers of remotely starting a car engine?

What are the dangers of remotely starting a car engine?

Today, many modern cars and car alarm systems are equipped with remote start function, which allows by pressing a button on the key fob to start the car without directly using a mechanical key. Such systems appeared originally in Japan, and later began to be used on German and American cars. Let us talk in detail about what may be dangerous such remote engine start. And if the engine won’t start, and experts say it will cost several thousand dollars to repair, it’s best to recycle the car: https://scrap4cash.com.

What is the danger of remote car engine starting?

When is remote start relevant?
This function will be topical in winter, when you can remotely start the car engine in the parking lot under the house, warm it up and in a few minutes get into a warm car. This allows us not to waste time warming up the car every day, which saves precious minutes early in the morning.

Possible dangers associated with remote starting

Like any other technology, the remote start of the car engine has its certain advantages and disadvantages. First and foremost is the significant simplification of car theft. If before, burglars had to somehow get into the cabin of the car, and then hack the immobilizer or mechanically start the car through a picklock in the ignition, then with this remote start function such work has been greatly simplified.

Criminals use special signal amplifiers, which allows them to give commands to open the doors and start the engine at a distance of a kilometer or more. In other words, one of the robbers is near the car owner, holding the portable amplifier, while the second criminal just gets into the started car and drives away, as if he had the original key in his pocket. No wonder that with the advent of this remote engine start function, the number of car thefts has increased significantly.

The key fob has a built-in chip, which, by exchanging data with the control unit, starts the engine, but it significantly reduces the overall security of the car. The thieves can easily scan such a code with different robbers, and later, making a key double, they will start the car and steal it without any problems.

In rare cases, spontaneous operation of the system from electrical interference is possible. For example, in the parking lots of shopping malls may not only trigger the alarm and open the doors, but, having received the wrong signal, the car control system will start the engine. It is good, if the car will be locked in park mode in the automatic transmission or the handbrake on the mechanics of the car will be tightened.

Such systems remote start the car significantly increases the load on the battery. As a result, if we leave the car at a parking lot for literally a week, as a security system, remote start and other consumers “eat” all the battery power, after which the car will be impossible to start. Therefore, remember that it is not recommended to leave the car with such remote start system for a long time because of the increased load on the battery.

Dangers and disadvantages of car engine auto-start

On the serviceable car starting the engine usually occurs without any difficulties, soon the salon is warmed up and you can start moving the car. But imagine such a situation, when the wiring is short-circuited and the engine is started at the same time. If the car owner is in the cabin at this time, he has time to shut down the engine and take all necessary steps to prevent the car from burning. However, if we start the car remotely, then such a short circuit invariably leads to the ignition of electrical equipment, it is almost impossible to control such emergency situations from a distance.

To summarize

Today, many cars are equipped with a remote engine start system. At first glance, such an option may seem interesting and in demand. However, it should be remembered that its presence in the car significantly reduces the effectiveness of the security system, the risk of car theft increases, the engine can due to electrical interference spontaneously start, and to solve any emergency situations at a distance with a remote start will be problematic.

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