Six unspoken rules of an experienced driver

Six unspoken rules of an experienced driver

When driving, one should not only adhere to all points of the traffic rules, but also observe unwritten norms or rules that are obvious to everyone, which will ensure safe and correct driving. Let’s talk more about these 6 unwritten rules for motorists and what to do with old license plates ontario.

Mutual courtesy on the road
First of all, when driving, you must be mutually polite and respectful of other road users. If the driver is aggressive towards other motorists on the road, it can lead to an accident, invariably creating a danger on the road.

Understanding the behavior of other drivers
An experienced driver not only knows and observes traffic rules, but also anticipates the behavior of other drivers on the road. This avoids misunderstandings between drivers, which is extremely dangerous both when driving a car in the city and on a high-speed suburban highway. It will also not be superfluous to warn other drivers about the imminent danger on the road, using headlights or various hand gestures for this.

No need to “start” at every traffic light
A typical mistake many car owners make is to instantly start from a place at a traffic light as soon as the enable signal comes on. The fact is that, according to the rules of the road, you can complete a maneuver and drive through the intersection even at a yellow light, which can lead to a dangerous traffic situation. If you start immediately after turning on the green traffic light, you can get into an accident with another car, which ends the maneuver with a yellow light.

Timely warning other drivers
On the road, certain dangerous situations may arise, which lead to serious accidents. These are deep puddles on the road, open hatches, potholes in the asphalt, and so on. If possible, try to warn other drivers about such a hazard on the road, use appropriate headlights or hand gestures for this.

Park by all the rules
Indeed, today in big cities the problem with parking is more acute than ever. As a result, many drivers leave their cars anywhere, thus creating obstacles for other drivers. We can only recommend when parking to think about whether your car will cause inconvenience to other drivers. This will allow not only to avoid the evacuation of the car to the parking lot, but also prevent the appearance of various minor damages, scratches and chips on the body.

Maintain the utmost care while driving
When driving, even if you always drive on the same streets and know the traffic situation well, you should be as careful and attentive as possible while driving. This allows you to minimize the likelihood of dangerous traffic situations, and by observing all traffic rules, you will be guaranteed to be safe.

Let’s summarize
Driving safety while driving will depend not only on how well you follow the traffic rules, but also on knowing and following the unwritten rules. These rules and regulations include courtesy and understanding between drivers, correct competent parking, accuracy while driving, as well as warning other drivers about the danger that threatens them.

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