Signs of engine repair needed

Signs of engine repair needed

A car engine failure is an unpleasant moment.

The repair of this element is associated with serious expenses, and in some cases it is not possible to repair the engine at all – you have to completely change it. How to avoid engine trouble? The safety of this part of the machine depends on a number of parameters: operating mode, maintenance, regular inspection, and much more. It is important to choose the right technical fluids (for example, oil with a certain viscosity index), change them in a timely manner, avoiding the appearance of carbon deposits. Pay attention to unpleasant odors in the cabin – they can indicate the wear of important components. If the engine cannot be repaired or if it would be too expensive, contact scrap yard in pickering.

Monitoring the condition of the engine is quite a difficult moment, so do not neglect visits to the car service for diagnostics and maintenance. Usually, the need to repair the car engine occurs every 100-200 thousand km of mileage, but the exact figure depends on how carefully you use the car.

How do I know if something is wrong with the engine?

Pay attention to the following signs:

Increased oil consumption.  

If the system is working normally, no more than a liter of oil will be consumed for carbon monoxide topping up from replacement to replacement. The maximum permissible indicator is from max to min per 1000 km of mileage. If your machine has started to consume a lot more resources, and it has to be constantly refilled – this is a sure sign of a serious breakdown. Contact the specialists immediately!

A lot of smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Control the color and volume of incoming smoke. If its color has suddenly changed, the number has increased significantly – most likely, something is wrong. Experts can determine the breakdown only by looking at the color of the smoke.

Changing the color of carbon deposits on spark plugs.

Soot on candles is a normal phenomenon, but it should have an exceptionally light gray color. If the color has changed (for example, the plaque has become white or even red), there are most likely problems with the engine. So, black carbon deposits indicate a breakdown of the fuel system. White-about using the wrong fuel. Red-about the combustion of additives.

Changes in engine idling.

One of the main signs of a malfunction is a strong vibration of the gear lever. This may indicate breakdowns in different systems. For example, in carburetor cars, the shaking of the lever indicates a failure of the carburetor. In the injectors – about problems with the sensors. In any case, you can not do without diagnostics.

Increase in gasoline consumption.

If your car used to spend a certain amount of gasoline, but suddenly began to demand much more – this is a reason to go for diagnostics. However, remember that fuel consumption can increase for natural reasons – for example, in new cars, or in cold winter.

Reducing the power of the motor.

You can control the power by paying attention to the speed and acceleration time indicators. For example, if a car used to accelerate to 100 km/h in 10 seconds, and now it takes 13 – this is a reason to think. If the maximum speed has decreased by more than 15%, this is a sure sign of engine failure. By the way, to check it is not necessary to develop the maximum speed for the car. You can also control it on the first two gears. The cause of the problems in these cases is the deterioration of the compression, which is caused by the wear of the piston, rings and cylinder.

The appearance of extraneous noise in the engine.

Pay attention to the sound that appears during the ride. It can indicate various problems, but most often the reason is in the power unit. Especially carefully, you need to make sure that no knocking appears.

Reducing the oil pressure.

If such a malfunction occurs, a light bulb lights up on the dashboard of the car. When you see this, go to the car service to prevent further damage to the systems.


A normally running engine should not overheat too much under normal conditions. If its temperature has increased, and it is not too hot outside, and the speed has not increased, most likely, there is a malfunction.

It should be remembered that most of the above signs can be caused by other reasons.

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