It is possible to remove dents on a car without painting it!

It is possible to remove dents on a car without painting it!

Every motorist loves his vehicle, so he pays a lot of attention to its appearance. A car is a reflection of its owner, his status and financial wealth. Also, every car owner knows about cash for cars mississauga.

But, sooner or later, the owners have to face such troubles, as dents in the car. If the repair is not carried out in time, the problem will grow with each passing day. This, without a doubt, will entail quite a lot of material costs to repair the car. Therefore, if you notice a dent on the surface of your vehicle, contact the proven professionals who will perform such repairs and get right down to fixing the problem.

Causes of Dents

The most common causes of dents are:

– Traffic accidents;
– large hail;
– falling branches and icicles;
– Hooliganism.

There are small dents and large dents. Nowadays, it is possible to remove dents on the car body without painting. There are many methods that came to us from Europe, allowing you to eliminate dents without damaging the integrity of the paint coating.

To remove the dent in the automobile, you should use the following tools.

To remove the dent on the body of the car without its subsequent painting, you will need the following set of tools:

– hair dryer or industrial hair dryer;
– spray can containing compressed carbon dioxide;
– suction cup.

You can buy more professional tools, which will include:

– special glue;
– so-called hockey sticks;
– levers;
– hooks;
– other tools.

Dent removal technology

To remove a dent on a car using a household hair dryer and a canister containing compressed carbon dioxide, you must:

1) Turn the can of carbon dioxide upside down and shake it well.
2) Heat the dent area well with a hair dryer.
3) Spray the carbon dioxide in a direction from the edges into the middle.

After spraying the gas, the heated metal will immediately straighten and take its correct shape. Wait a while and wipe the spot with an ordinary cloth.

To remove a dent on a car with purchased tools, you need to:

1) Select a suction cup size that fits the size of your dent.
2) Heat the special glue, apply it to the suction cup, and then immediately stick it to the dent.
3) Make sure the glue is dry.
4) Put the bridge bracket on the suction cup.
5) Using the special screw, twist it until the dent is straightened.
6) Peel off the suction cup and remove the remaining adhesive.

You can wipe the flat surface with a dry cloth.

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