How to properly use a car jack: 8 expert recommendations

How to properly use a car jack: 8 expert recommendations

Every car has a jack in the trunk, but not every driver knows how to use it properly. Incorrect use of a car jack will not only make it impossible to replace a punctured wheel, but the driver risks damaging the sills, after which the body will need expensive and complicated repair. Let’s talk in detail about how to properly use a car jack. And about how to properly surrender your car for recycling, will tell you here:

How to properly use a car jack: 8 recommendations from experts

A little bit of theory

The jack is a portable device that allows you to lift loads, including cars and trucks. To date, several varieties of jacks are used, which differ in their capacity indicators. When choosing a jack for cars, it is necessary to give preference to those models that have the maximum possible capacity. This will exclude later on any problems when lifting the car, even on not too dense soil, when the jack is subjected to increased loads.

When to use jacks
Most often, the use of a jack is required when the car has a punctured wheel. Also, the driver can perform seasonal wheel replacement himself, accordingly, it will be necessary to use such a jack to lift the car.

Recommendations on the correct use of the jack when lifting a car

Experts give the following recommendations on the correct use of the jack:

1. Under the wheel, which will remain on the ground, you can put a stone or board.

2. The wheels are necessarily blocked, for which tighten the handbrake and include the first gear on the mechanics.

3. all heavy objects should be unloaded from the car.

4. The car must be on a horizontal surface.

5. Even before lifting the wheel, the nuts on the rims must be unscrewed.

6. The jack is installed in the special eyes, which are made of reinforced metal.

7. Directly lift the car with the jack should be smoothly and gently.

8. The wheel is lifted about 10 centimeters above the ground.

After lifting the car above the ground, carefully remove the wheel, and then install a new wheel, also gently lower the car and clamp the fixing bolts. This work usually does not take much time, so you can literally cope with its implementation in 10-15 minutes. Remember only that it is necessary to observe the maximum accuracy, which will exclude damage to the car as a result of such inept actions of the driver.

A common mistake many drivers make when lifting a car on the jack is when they do not install the lifting device in the special eyelets. Small eyelets are made of the strongest steel possible, so even when a small area is subjected to tremendous pressure, the metal will not get damaged, and subsequently there will be no need to repair the sill.

It is extremely important to use quality jacks, not cheap Chinese knockoffs. Remember that later it is much more difficult and expensive to repair the damaged bent sill than possible economy on purchase of qualitative jack. Therefore, we do not recommend you to save money and buy accessories that fully fit your car, and ideally, use original jacks.

Recommendations for the proper use of the jack when lifting a car

To summarize.

The ability to use the jack will allow even in a difficult situation out of town to replace a punctured wheel, and the car owner will be spared the need to call for the services of a tow truck in such a situation. It is necessary to act very carefully when lifting the car with a jack, the car should be on a horizontal plane, the wheels should be blocked with a handbrake and a gear engaged on the mechanics. Also remember that you should use only quality jacks, the capacity of which corresponds to the type of car.

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