Most adults (about 80%) complain of back and spinal pain. The fact that we spend more and more time driving is one of the reasons for this. Soreness can occur not only during long, multi-hour journeys in truck drivers, but also in people who choose to travel by car and in those who commute to work by car every day, even for short distances. That’s why it pays to know how to avoid pain. Also, most people use the service scrap truck removals when they want to get money for an old car.

When sitting, the spine is under static strain, the effect of which is exacerbated by the vibrations of the vehicle and immobility. The distribution of forces stabilizing the back changes, and the load shifts to the elements of passive stabilization – ligaments, joint bags, skin. These extremely sensitive structures can, under unfavorable conditions, lead to severe pain. To prevent this, especially on long tourist trips, you need to plan your trip well.

It is also worth noting that this

problem also occurs in truckers, despite the fact that their vehicles are usually equipped with professional chairs that soften the dynamic loads. The purchase of special vehicle

s implies a thorough check of the driver’s seat for ergonomics. Because it is not only a comfort, but also a concern for the health of the driver.

Adjust the seat
Its backrest should be in an upright position (this also affects the safety of driving). The angle of inclination depends individually on the shape of the body and therefore the spine. The backrest in its name contains the essence of its function – it should support the body in the most natural position for it, and provide comfort.

Modern cars have a system for correcting the shape of the seat for the driver’s body. It is necessary to use them in such a way that the body is supported as much as possible. This is possible when the position of the backrest is upright, and the bulges on it, are placed to support the spine and lumbar region of the back, and the headrest – controls the position of the head.

Everything you will need while driving should be at your fingertips. Seatbelts greatly restrict body mobility, tilting and turning your body with your hips almost immovable, increasing strain on your spine.

Some drivers use a variety of devices to improve their comfort while traveling. The meaning of their use depends on whether they help the person and there are no contraindications for their use. Rollers under the spine, beads on the chair or rollers under the neck – these should be used with caution and not at all because colleagues use, so I too…

Properly sit down and get out.
First, sit sideways on the seat, then leaning your hands on the seat cushions, turn around and place your feet inside the car. It is worth getting in and out calmly, without making sudden movements.

During a long drive, you should take breaks and devote them to exercise and stretching. It is also good to knead the muscles of the neck and shoulders on your own.

Even if the temptation to get there quickly is great – take breaks to rest! The unevenness of the road surface, the vibration of the car, the concentration on driving – this is the maximum load of the body and as a result its fatigue.

Remove your belongings from the trunk correctly
When removing luggage or bags from the trunk, first lean against the edge of the trunk and only then lift up and out. When stacking weights in the trunk, move them across the floor. Remember to keep your body posture as straight as possible, and if necessary, spread your legs wide to distribute the load over the whole body.

If pain occurs while riding
If you experience discomfort while traveling, stop the car. If you can, get out and try to massage the place of pain with your hand. Knead the area with your thumb while breathing freely, without straining your body.

If the pain becomes so severe that it is impossible to drive, stop in a safe place where you can sit comfortably. This often helps reduce the pain.

If driving is accompanied by pain, you should consult a doctor or physical therapist, who will select appropriate exercises to do on your own at home.

Exercises for the driver
While traveling, it is worth taking a break from time to time. A few simple exercises will keep your spine in good shape even during a long drive. Here are some examples of exercises:

1. Place your foot on an open trunk, bench, etc. Bend over, pressing lightly on your hip.

2. Stand up straight. Grab the foot of one leg and pull it up to the buttocks. Your hip and knee should be in line. Wait for 5-10 seconds. Rest. Do the same with the other leg. Repeat five times. The exercise is done correctly if you feel tension in the thigh muscles.

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