How is the fuel system maintained?

How is the fuel system maintained?

The fuel system such as is the most important mechanism in the design of a car. Without it, movement is impossible in principle. Each fuel system has a tank, fuel drives, a pump, filters, a fuel injection system for cylinders with a fuel rail and injectors, and control units.

Breakdowns in the fuel system are a big problem that will prevent the car from being used for its intended purpose. Accordingly, it is necessary to monitor all the details of this system from the beginning of operation. It is necessary to look after the “life” of the fuel pump, filter and injection system.

How to recognize if there is a problem?
Most often, car enthusiasts are faced with such a fuel system problem as a sudden increase in fuel consumption. Additional indications are traction drift, unimportant engine start, vibration at idle. In addition, the on-board computer can “tell” about malfunctions. To help and readings of the fuel level sensor. They may be at odds with reality. The smell of fuel when the engine is running can also guide the service. Plaque can be found when replacing spark plugs. This is a sign of problems.

What could be the reasons for the breakdown?
A common reason for the failure of a fuel system is bad fueling. Also, problems will arise after water or dirt gets into the tank. In addition, filters, fuel lines, injection nozzles, pump, carburetor can become clogged. The fuel pump may also break. There are also electrical reasons – sensor breakdowns.

What happens to a diesel engine in winter?
With the onset of cold weather and a drop in temperature outside, it is difficult or even impossible to start diesel cars, because diesel fuel, in which there are no thinning winter additives, simply freezes, becomes thick, and the pump cannot pump it.

How to extend the service life?
The first is to check the condition of the fuel system during maintenance. The second is to constantly change the fuel filters. Third, you need to flush the fuel system.

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