Hidden features of the Start/Stop Engine button

Hidden features of the Start/Stop Engine button

Many modern cars have the Start/Stop Engine button near the steering column or near the gearbox selector. Let’s talk in detail about why such option is necessary and whether it is worth overpaying for such a function when ordering a car. We will tell you about the hidden features of such engine starting system and cash for scrap cars.

The main purpose of the Start/Stop Engine button
A few decades ago, all car engines without exception were started by turning the key. But already in the early 2000s, the first cars that had a separate engine start button appeared. Today, such a system is offered by premium brands already as a basic option, while other budget car manufacturers install it only for a surcharge.

With such a button, you can turn off or start the engine, and in some cases this is possible without the physical use of the key. If the car is equipped with keyless entry, then a special transmitter is installed inside the key fob, which captures the tag signal, so insert the key directly into the ignition is not required. The system itself detects the driver with such a key, and then by pressing the appropriate button, you can start the engine.

Hidden features
Many car owners believe that such an engine start button is designed solely to turn on the engine. However, many car manufacturers have equipped this system with additional features, which can significantly increase the comfort of using the car or ensure its necessary safety. For example, on many Volkswagen / Audi vehicles such Start/Stop Engine button has an additional function to activate the mechanical steering lock. All the car owner needs to do is to press the button again after turning off the car and lock the steering wheel. Of course, it will be impossible to fully ensure the safety of the car with such a method, but it is quite realistic to make it difficult to steal.

Also, with such a system of push-button start it is possible to emergency stop the engine, even in the case, if the gearbox is out of order, and the selector is blocked in the Drive position. In such a situation, simply shutting off the engine would not be possible, as the system thinks the car is moving and stopping the engine is not possible. To turn off the engine in such forced way it is necessary to press such button Start/Stop Engine for 5 seconds and at the same time to press the brake pedal. At the same time the safety system monitors the speed of the car and turns off the engine only if this parameter exceeds 10 km / h.

The main disadvantages of the engine start button
The main disadvantage of such an engine start button is the keyless access option associated with it. This system is now equipped with many modern cars, and it has both its admirers and ardent opponents. The fact is that the presence of the keyless access system, when the car owner does not need to physically use the key, inserting it into the ignition, significantly reduces the safety of the car.

The point is that car thieves can use special powerful repeaters, which amplify the signal from the chip inside the car owner’s key. For example, if the car owner has to go to the store 200-300 meters away from the parking lot, the criminals will amplify the signal with such repeater, which allows the second intruder to easily open the car and drive it away, as if he has such a key with the security tag in his pocket.

As a result, it will be impossible to solve such problems in any way, so the security of the car is significantly reduced. No wonder that many car owners, even if they have such an option on their cars, disable the key fob tag, which forces them to open the car by inserting the key into the lock, and subsequently start the car in the traditional way through the key in the ignition.

To summarize.
The Start/Stop Engine button is a popular option today, which is equipped with many cars. In this case, such a system allows not only directly start the engine, but also has additional functions, including blocking the steering column or allows the selector of the automatic transmission in the Drive position to urgently turn off the engine. You just need to remember that the presence of the keyless entry function associated with this button can slightly reduce the safety of the car, making it easier to steal.

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