Causes of automatic transmission malfunction
It is not possible to consider absolutely all the reasons for the breakdown of the automatic transmission, but the main ones include the following. The company specialists know about them: scrapcar.cash/.

The use of low-quality analogs of spare parts in automatic transmission repairs, which eventually fail and affect the operation of the entire automatic transmission system;
Deterioration of the unit elements;
Improper vehicle operation;
Lack of oil, which provokes overheating of the automatic transmission and further malfunction;
Failure in the control unit;
Defects in the valve body.
It should be understood that in a normal state, the automatic transmission works smoothly and gently. The need to make an effort to change the speed speaks only of future possible automatic transmission malfunctions.

Signs of automatic transmission malfunction

Knowing the warning signs of an automatic transmission problem can help avoid costly repairs. Timely response to a problem will significantly reduce costs.

The main signs of a gearbox malfunction include the following:

The car does not move in any gear;
There is no sound / click, indicating a speed change;
The knock of the automatic transmission is heard. The main reason is damage to the friction clutch discs;
Slipping / jerking of the vehicle while driving. The reason is a breakdown of the overrunning clutch;
There is no reverse speed. The main reasons: problems with the clutch piston cuff, with the clutch oil o-rings, or wear of the disc of one clutch;
The car can only move at third speed. Replacing the front clutch, the clutch piston cuff or checking the valve body valve will help to solve the problem;
Vibration in motion and other abnormal sounds indicate wear on one of the bearings;
When the vehicle is lifted, the speed is reduced to a lower one. It is necessary to check the oil level in the automatic transmission, look at the condition of the oil of the pump and the gibblock, and also check the condition of the brake band and clutch;
By pressing the pedal to the floor, the automatic transmission does not switch to a reduced speed and the revs are not recruited. The problem lies with the engine;
Pieces of aluminum on the pallet indicate the wear of the sliding bearing and the need to replace it;
Engine stalls when shifting gears. Reason: a problem with the valve body or the wheels of the car;
Slow acceleration of a car sometimes warns of problems with the valve body turbine wheel.
Very often, the inscription “AT” on the dashboard of the car can notify about the presence of a problem with the automatic transmission. Sometimes sellers successfully suppress this error before selling a car, therefore, when buying a used car, it is advisable to visit a service station in advance, where the master can quickly find all automatic transmission faults and more.

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